S.N. Name Designation Email Phone No.
1 Deepak Kumar Shrestha Controller deepak[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705585(ext 102,103)
2 Anil Kumar Dutta Deputy Controller anil.kumar[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-105)
3 Ekraj Giri Account Officer ekraj[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-104)
4 Arun Bhadur Khatri Section Officer arunnadi[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-107)
5 Kashi prasad Kafle Section Officer Kashi[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-106)
6 Satish Subedi Computer Engineer satish[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-108)
7 Prabesh Koirala Computer Engineer pravesh[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-112)
8 Bijay Maharjan Computer operator bijaya[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-115)
9 Rakesh Chaudhary computer Technician rakesh[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-113)
10 Gautam Ghising computer Technician gautam[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-114)
11 Radha Roka Na.Su radha[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-109)

Auction for Electronic Equipment and Furniture

नेपाल सरकार संचार तथा सूचना प्रविधि मन्त्रालय प्रमाणीकरण नियन्त्रकको कार्यालय अनामनगर ,काठमाण्डौ (प्रथम पटक प्रकाशित मितिः २०७५।११।१२) (प्रथम पटक प्रकाशित…


Major Work completion from 2075/07/01 to 2075/9/30

२०७५/०७/०१ देखि २०७५/०९/३० गते सम्म यस कार्यालयबाट सम्पादन गरिएका मूख्य-मूख्य कार्यहरू: १. Facebook, Radio तथा F.M. बाट विद्युतीय हस्ताक्षर…



EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Title of Consulting Service: EOI/01/075/76 Method of Consulting Service: National Project Name: Making 6 Different Government…


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Message from Controller

Office of Controller of Certification is formed under the ministry of Science, Technology and Environment with a view to implement Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and implementing digital signature in Nepal,…

Mr. Deepak Kumar Shrestha
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Suchana Adhikaari

Mr.Anil Kumar Dutta
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